AP HUG Teachers: Do you want all of my resources?

If you are reading this you are likely an AP HUG teacher or student.

I hope that this site provides valuable resources for you to be successful in your AP HUG teaching and studies.

As you might know, this site is archival. It was built in 2009, but I haven’t been actively posting since I left the classroom in 2011.

I pay for the annual hosting fee with by the (very) modest revenue I generate through the google ads.

Over the years I’ve had many teachers contact me about the site – mostly to say that they found something useful. My response is always: “I’ve got more, would you like it?”

So I recently took a bunch of the course resources that I used and developed and uploaded them to google drive.

If you are a teacher and would like these resources, contact me via my twitter: @martinsclass

Best wishes to all!

Country Profile Worksheets

In the years since I created this site, one of the resources that has been most downloaded and shared is the Country Profile Template that I created. The purpose was to really challenge a student to examine a specific country by accessing and documenting the data that covers virtually every aspect of the AP HUG approach.

So here it is. I also have a version of it in Mac Pages, which I can send if you want to edit the format. You do have to have to have the program Pages to open it and edit it.

Direct Link: Country Profile Template

Haiti Profile Sample

Interesting Video Map: 400 Years of Building the US

Interesting to think about how different groups of people both within and without the United States would react to this video map…..

Really interesting map … well set of maps… dividing into 27 US regions with accompanying capitols.


Interesting interactive US map shows you the geography of different musical genres

As a true lover of pizza….

Not sure if I’ve ever seen a map so telling, fascination, sad….

US Map Pizza

Let’s just hope that there’s enough pizza love to support the indispensable ma and pa shops around the country that deliver pizza “worth caring about…”

Hungry Planet Video Series: Every student needs to see these…

AP HUG Themes in a Sewer Cover


Recently took this snapshot of a sewer cover here in Round Rock. Afterwards, I was thinking of how many different AP HUG themes were represented here, and here are a few thoughts:

  1. Politics – One thing we’ve learned since moving to Texas is that you will see a star and you will be reminded that  you are in Texas.
  2. Culture – again, the iconic Texas star is a cultural standard, I wonder if sewer covers in other states have stars?
  3. Development – let’s not forget what lies beneath – the ability to channel waste we don’t think of to safe places.
  4. Economics – no income tax in Texas, but I can assure you our property taxes cover the costs of sewer covers.
  5. Globalization (hard to see, but it was Made in India!) My wife and I were talking about how it could be cheaper to make in India and bring to Texas… still not sure.
  6. Industrialization – speaking of not sure, need to watch a “How It’s Made” on sewer covers.
  7. Urbanization – Round Rock is a suburb of the greater Austin metro area.
  8. Population – Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the countries; Round Rock is no exception. We flat out chose this place to live, it is perfect for us. However, the population growth requires more and more infrastructure, and more sewer covers. Maybe they get a bulk discount from India….

Curious to see if anyone could offer a different perspective or add more to this cursory analysis!

Beverly Hills Hotel controversy- involves pop culture (& diffusion), religion, politics, services, economics

US Map: Pollution Distribution Across the United States


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