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Terrorism Essay, Development Regions, Ch. 9 Key Issues 3 & 4, and Test Corrections

Terrorism Essay:
  • Write a 500 word essay answering the focus question: What are the signfiicant political, social, and historic factors driving terrorism against the US?
  • You will explain the relationship between these.
  • Properly cite all sources
  • Will not accept later than Wed. 4/13 midnight

Ch. 9 KI 2: World Development Regions Worksheet

Ch. 9 KI 3 & 4: Ch. 9 Key Issue 3Ch. 9 Key Issue 4

Test Corrections due the day back from the break.

Ch. 7 Quiz Corrections Due Thursday

Due Tomorrow: Ch. 8 Key Issue 1 & 2 Worksheet

Be prepared for a vocab quiz on the concepts covered in Key Issue 1 & 2

Due Thursday: Ch. 7 Quiz corrections

1) B 2) E 3) A 4) D 5) A 6) E 7) D 8.) A 9) C 10) C 11) C 12) E 13) C 14) A 15) C 16) D 17) E 18) D 19) D 20) A 21) C 22) A 23) E 24) A 25) B 26) B 27) E 28) D 29) A 30) A 31) D 32) E 33) A 34) C 35) E 36) D 37) E 38) B39) TRUE 40) FALSE


2011 Japan Tsunami Lesson Plan and Resources

In class today we will review the historic tsunami that struck Japan over the weekend.  The earthquake that caused the tsunami is one of the most 5 powerful earthquakes in the last 100 years.  This tsunami has been one of the best documented – as there are ample video, eyewitness accounts, and news sources that we can use to analyze the challenges that Japan faces.

Focus Question: What is the most significant impact the 3/11/11 tsunami has had on the human geography of Japan?

What will it take in order for us to be able to answer this question?

We will review the background of tsunamis, as well as briefly review Japan’s unique history as the most tsunami prone country in the world.  Then we will review several videos and discuss which human geography themes we see being affected by each clip.


Japanese Tsunami History

2011 Japan Tsunami Video

2011 Japan Tsunami Video 2

2011 Japan Tsunami Video 3

2011 Japan Tsunami Video 4

CNN Before/After Interactive Slideshow

CNN Nuclear Reactor Explosion Explained

NY Times Status of each nuclear reactor

News Article Jigsaw Activity:

Each student will be assigned a different news article to read and summarize.

Each of these news articles deals with a specific aspect of this tragedy; loss of productivity due to power outages, the possibility of an even more deadly aftershock, possible nuclear meltdown and wide scale radiation, huge financial costs, and a death toll that could top 10,000 – though many reports claim that this number could go up dramatically.

Students will be given one of the articles in expert groups of 2 or 3.  They will read their article and summarize the significant challenge that their article represents.  Expert groups will be given 4-5 minutes to discuss their article to make sure that they have the same idea and identify which human geography theme their challenge most closely relates to.

Expert groups will then be mixed in order that students summarize the main idea of their article to their classmates.  While they are summarizing, each student takes notes on the graphic organizer.

Each student is responsible to summarize each challenge, how this challenged has altered the human geography of Japan, and brainstorm what it will take to overcome this challenge.  After each student has shared, each mixed group will have a discussion on .

News Articles:







Homework Due 3/16:

  • You will conduct research online to identify one additional challenge that Japan faces in addition to the 4 we covered in class.
  • You will then evaluate the most significant changes to Japan’s human geography as a result of the tsunami, and write a summary paragraph justifying your choice.

Extension (Worth 20 points): Students will identify a news article that correlates to their answer and leave it in the comments of this post.  In your comment, summarize the article and how it relates to the your essay answer.

Additional videos and resources:

Excellent visualization of the tsunami:

Truly amazing NY Times graphic/tutorial on the nuclear reactor meltdown:

Excellent slideshow-timeline from USA Today:

Video of skyscrapers swaying back and forth in Tokyo:

Video of the tsunami remnants hitting a canal in Hawaii:

Video of the ground being torn apart during the earthquake:

Video of supermarket during earthquake:

Economist chart of world’s deadliest earthquakes since 1900:

BBC Tsunami wave forecast map:

BBC Interactive map with site-based video clips:

Possible discussion extension questions:

  • How was the impact of this earthquake different from the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010?
  • How does this tsunami and its aftermath compare with the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004?  Compare the size of the earthquakes and examine why so many more lives were lost during the 2004 earthquake.


Culture Unit Review Assignment

To review for the test we will utilize the Rubenstein website, which has several different types of assessments for you to test how well you understand the key concepts from this unit.

When you go to each chapter, there are various types of quizzes and essay prompts that relate to each chapter.

Assignment: By Tuesday 2/8, you will complete the Concept Review, Thinking Spatially, Quick Review, and Reviewing Concepts for Chapters 4, 5, and 6.  You must complete all of the required sections.  Multiple choice and true/false must be 100%. This will be weighed significantly.  It will total approximately half of a test grade.

You can find links to the pages here:

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Each of these links will take you to the Chapter page; you will then find the previously mentioned sections on the left hand side.

After you complete each section you will see the button Submit answers for grading.

Fill in your full name and send it to my email: jdmartin (at)

These are due before we take the SRQ Culture Unit Test on Tuesday 2/8.

Ch. 2 Key Issue Worksheets

Ch 2 Key Issue 1

Ch 2 Key Issue 2

Ch 2 Key Issue 3

Ch 2 Key Issue 4

HW: Services Worksheet

Don’t forget that due Monday is your services worksheet.  See the blog post below for instructions on how to complete the worksheet.

Reminder: Current Events article due Friday

Due Friday: Find a current events article that deals with our current study of Urbanization and Services.  Provide a 2 paragraph summary – one summarizing the article itself, and another explaining how this article relates to our study of urbanization and services.  Your summary should cite specific concepts evident in the article.

The actual article itself also must be cut out or printed out and submitted with your summary.

HW: Urbanization in Baltimore Essay

In class over the next several days our discussion, reading, and viewing will deal specifically with understanding the history of urbanization and urban renewal in Baltimore. To do so, we will take the issues and problems outlined in Chapter 13, Key Issue 3 and apply them to Baltimore City. We will read the article “Collateral Damage:Unintended Consequences of Urban Renewal in Baltimore, MD” (click link to view), and view the video “Black Out”, made by a group of Baltimore youth in the group New Lens.

Your assignment is to write a 500 word response to the following questions.  You must include specific facts from both the video, Rubenstein, and from the article Collateral Damage.

This is due on Tuesday, 9/21 by midnight.  The paper must be typed.  It can be emailed to me.

1. What type of physical, social, and economic problems have inner-cities, specifically Baltimore, faced over the past 50 years? 2. Which of these problems are related to, and sometimes even caused by the process of urban renewal? In what way are these consequences unintended? In your answer, cite specific examples from Baltimore.

HW: Current Events Article

Due Friday: Current events article that directly relates to your AP HUG topic.  Provide the same 2 paragraph summary.

Don’t forget we will be having a U.S. / Canada Map Quiz that day as well.  Click here to study for that.

Also, I added a new feature to the site that lets you see summaries for lessons we have already had.  You can see it here.

HW: Chapter 13 Key Issue Worksheets

While reading Chapter 13, complete all 4 Key Issue Worksheets by Friday 9/24

Be prepared for a reading quiz on Chapter 13 Key Issues 1 & 2 on 9/17.   You will have another reading quiz on Friday 9/24.

Here are the worksheets in pdf form:

Ch 13 Key Issue 1

Ch 13 Key Issue 2

Ch 13 Key Issue 3

Ch 13 Key Issue 4

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